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Searching for Inspiration

Most of us go through life searching for the thing(s) that inspire us and bring us the most joy, whether that be a person, a career path, or a hobby. Our society tries to plant it into our heads throughout our childhood that there can only be one. You can go to college, get a degree, possibly go to college longer to get another degree and the slave away in the corporate world. You can find the love of your life, start a family and put all your focus into loving and caring for your family. Perhaps you learn early in life to indulge in the your true passions so you find yourself traveling the world, meeting different kinds of people and learning about different cultures. What I am starting to realize is there doesn’t have to be just one. In fact, since graduating from college I have found myself consistently searching for what my passion and purpose is in life.

Flash forward to March 2022, 6:30AM as I am writing this and it’s all starting to make sense. Maybe its just me, but all of the sudden I don’t feel the need to pin down one specific passion in order to bring myself true joy in my life. I’ve accepted how complex I am and because of this, I’ve accepted the complexity of my purpose in life and how it relates to the ever-evolving passions I have. It doesn’t just boil down to one specific thing. Again, us as humans are WAY more complex than that.

I am allowed to be passionate about psychology and sociology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I need work my way up the ladder just to wind up sitting in an office all day to pursue that passion. I am allowed to be passionate about writing, but just because I took a 3-year hiatus on writing/blogging doesn’t make my passion any less. I am allowed to be passionate about photography and spirituality and manifestation and crystals and personal development and my husband, AND THAT IS OKAY! Our passions are allowed to be multi-faceted.

Maybe up until reading this, you’ve been searching for that ONE thing to bring you all the joy in the world, but maybe that “one” thing really turns out to be a multitude of things and in order to figure that out, we have to be willing to put ourselves on the line, fail here and there, and truly act from our most authentic selves.

So I come to you all, Divine Soul Collective, from my most authentic and raw form. I will always be learning, but my goal is to take what I’ve learned along the way to help and teach others. That was truly the inspiration behind Divine Soul Collective, to begin with. To learn and grow alongside you all while creating a loving and empowering community where others felt free to do the same, striving towards becoming our most beautiful, loving and authentic selves.

To the beautiful souls reading this, thank you for taking the time to share your energy with me. I hope you continue to do so by keeping up to date with my blog or messaging me to chat. Blessings, xo

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